Contribute to Aiursoft

Aiursoft does not have a fixed place of work and working hours, all members of the Aiursoft team still adhere to the Agile model and clearly know their work goals and the results of doing so.

Everyone is powered by passion and love. With no benefit.

Aiursoft welcomes anyone from around the world to join the team and participate in the contribution to Aiursoft.

How to contribute

There are many ways to contribute to the project: logging bugs, submitting pull requests, reporting issues, and creating suggestions.

Even if you have push rights on the repository, you should create a personal fork and create feature branches there when you need them. This keeps the main repository clean and your personal workflow cruft out of sight.

We're also interested in your feedback for the future of this project. You can submit a suggestion or feature request through the issue tracker. To make this process more effective, we're asking that these include more information to help define them more clearly.

How to join Aiursoft

No condition. It only requires your passion and love for open-source software.

With your contribution to Aiursoft, please submit a pull request to here and add yourself to the list.

Or you can send an email to:

What you will get if you have successfully joined Aiursoft

  • An email like
  • Aiursoft M365 access (With Office 365 and Teams).
  • GitLab organzation member.