Kahla API Document

Server address

There are three servers for Kahla.

Server Address Allow Cross-Domain Limit Cookies Code Branch Usage Corresponding Kahla Client
server.kahla.app https://web.kahla.app Yes master hosting production version of Kahla server master
staging.server.kahla.app https://staging.kahla.app Yes dev hosting staging version of the Kahla server dev
dev.server.kahla.app http://localhost:8001 No dev For Developers Local Debugging Kahla App Local


The database of the staging server and the local debugging server is the same one, and the database may be cleaned regularly, and the data persistence is not guaranteed.

The production Kahla server uses an independent database, and the database will not be cleaned up.

If you are a contributor to Kahla, please note that the debugging API is used in the debugging environment, the staging API is used in the pre-deployment environment, and the production API is used only in the production environment.


Carla's servers use cookie-based authentication. In other words, all cookies must be carried when accessing all APIs that require login privileges.

When Kahla's client is running, it must work in the cross-domain address allowed by the target server, otherwise it will not be able to carry cookies.


All of Kahla's server communications use the mandatory HTTPS protocol and the HSTS standard.