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"For we are bound by the Khala, the sacred union of our every thought and emotion." ——Hierarch Artanis, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

In Starcraft, Protoss society is shown in the background of the series to have been tribal with a strong warrior culture until a planet-wide civil war allowed a mystic, Khas, to access a natural psionic link shared by all Protoss. Khas' discovery and teachings, labelled the Khala, are then used as the principle underlying a new caste-based society.

Kahla App

As a cross-platform business messaging app, Kahla can encrypt communications at any location, on any device. And it is completely open source and free.

Kahla contains several sub-projects.

  • Kahla.App (Client side application based on Angular)
  • Kahla.Server (Server side application for messages forwarding and store)
  • Kahla.Home (Servers provider, version provider and homepage)
  • Kahla.SDK (The SDK for building bots and for third-party connections)
  • Kahla.Bot (Some demo bots)
  • Kahla.CLI (CLI version of Kahla)

Kahla and Aiursoft

Kahla exists as a sub-service in the Aiursoft microservices system. Enjoy all the rights to all of Aiursoft's high-level applications.

Kahla relies on Aiursoft Stargate to implement message push. Rely on Aiursoft Probe to store images and files sent between users.


If you plan to use, develop, deploy, and contribute to Kahla, please visit the following link: