Kahla.SDK is a library for writting bots and extends for Kahla.

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Tutorial - How to create a bot with Kahla.SDK

This will introduce how to write a bot for Kahla. Before starting, make sure you have .NET Core SDK installed.

Download .NET Core SDK here.

1. Create a new console .NET Core app

Open your terminal and type the following command to create a new console app.

$ mkdir MyBot
$ cd MyBot
$ dotnet new console

2. Add dependency for Kahla.SDK

Execute the following command to add Kahla.SDK as a dependency.

$ dotnet add package Kahla.SDK

3. Create your bot

Create a new file, and name it FirstBot.cs. In this C# class, extend the class BotBase. Implement all methods in it.

using Aiursoft.Scanner.Interfaces;
using Kahla.SDK.Abstract;
using Kahla.SDK.Events;
using Kahla.SDK.Models.ApiViewModels;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace MyBot
    public class FirstBot : BotBase
        public async override Task OnBotInit() { }

        public async override Task OnFriendRequest(NewFriendRequestEvent arg) { }

        public async override Task OnGroupConnected(SearchedGroup group) { }

        public async override Task OnGroupInvitation(int groupId, NewMessageEvent eventContext) { }

        public async override Task OnMessage(string inputMessage, NewMessageEvent eventContext) 
            if (eventContext.Message.SenderId == Profile.Id)
            // Echo all messages.
            await SendMessage(inputMessage, eventContext.ConversationId, eventContext.AESKey);

4. Create your bot start up logic

Modify your Program.cs to start your bot.

using Aiursoft.Scanner;
using Kahla.SDK.Abstract;
using Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace MyBot
    class Program
        public static async Task Main(string[] args)
            await new ServiceCollection()
                // Add all dependencies.
                // Register your bot.
                // Get your bot.
                // Start your bot.

5. Start your bot

Execute the following command to start your bot.

$ dotnet run


You need to sign in an Aiursoft account which identies your bot. If you don't have one, register here.

After your bot is started, just talk to it with another account!


That's all! Happy coding!

6. Additional info

For more bot demo, please search bot.kahla.app in Kahla. Or view more demos;