App authentication

There is two authentication system in Aiursoft.

  • User Authentication.
  • App Authentication.

User Authentication is only for users to enjoy our services. While app authentication is for developers to use our API.

What is the Aiursoft App

Aiursoft App stands for an independent identity.

It is created and managed in Aiursoft Developer Center.

After creating your app, you can get App Id and App Secret.

The App Id is public. You can share it with every one or send it to the client-side.

The App Secret is confidential. Only save it to a safe key-vault and only use it to get a token.

What is the Aiursoft App Token

Aiursoft App Token indicates that it has the permission to act as an app. It is confidential. Don't send it to the client-side. But you can pass it to other Aiursoft services.

Token has a limited life time. Usually 20 minutes. Save it to cache!

How to use an app to get a token

The get a token, reference the app authentication api here.